About Us

-We are a private, small hobby breeders of calm and healthy F1 & F1b Mini & Standard Sheepadoodle puppies in (Midland, Texas). Our puppies are non- shedding, non- allergenic & hypoallergenic. Our fee for each puppy is affordable and includes the transportation fee, shipping crate, foodstuff & paperwork. Our puppies are lovingly home raised in our smoke-free home by members of  our family from kids to adults to grandparents. (ALEXA, EDMOND, DANA, MARIE, ANNABELLE, JUDE, CLAIRE & COLLINS). Our puppies are played with regularly and introduced to a wide variety of sights & sounds. Our puppies are handled all the time by our kids, men and women. Sociable with adults, kids & other pets.

-We are not a puppy mill, a business nor a company. We are a very small family oriented hobby breeders. We only get 1 or 2 litters per year. Because we are very small, we take very good care of the puppies, our puppies live with us inside our home, they sleep and live with us and are used to our kids, other animals, adults and house-hood noises. We provide a $130 discount if you get two puppies.

-We are more interested in getting them the right pet loving homes, we are not after the money like other breeders do, that is why our fee per puppy is affordable compared to the high prices you will get from other breeders. We are looking for loving & caring homes for our puppies & will give our puppies only to those we feel will be capable of taking good care of them & those who will not resell them for profit.

-Each one of us takes part in raising strong & playful puppies for sale to loving homes. If you are looking for a sweet & happy, de-wormed, up to date on all shots, 100% pure-bred & with sweet personality, temperament, healthy, playful, vet checked, champion bloodlines & well-adjusted puppy, then you’ve come to the right place. Our adoption fee for each puppy is $1,550 because our puppies comes with “Companion Registration” (Companion Registration means that your puppy is intended to be a companion or “pet” and not a show or breeding dog). Our mission is to bring joy to families by establishing a lifelong bond between them and one of our healthy & socialized puppies.

-Health Record Booklet
-Veterinarian Health Checked
-Up to Date Vaccinations
-2 Years Written Health Guarantee
-A Puppy Contract
-Pre-Spoiled, and Well socialized
-Lifetime Support From Breeder
-Initial Flea & Tick Treatment
-Initial Heartworm Treatment

Our puppies are current with their shots. We provide you with due dates of their next available shot. Our puppies are used to car ride.

[1st Puppy Shot] Distemper/Parvo 6-9 Wks Old],
[2nd Puppy Shot] Distemper/Parvo 3 Wks later (11-12 Wks Old],
[3rd Puppy Shot] Distemper/Parvo 4 Wks later (15-16 Wks Old) ,
[1st Rabies Shot] [Killed Vaccine] at 5-6 Months Old.


Our puppies are not only well-socialized with other dogs, cats & birds, they are also well-socialized & playful with people of all ages from kids to old people. It’s important to us that our puppies know kids of all ages, other dogs & animals. Our puppies are properly socialized, well adjusted & will make a wonderful addition to your home. At 4 wks, they start taking supervised trips outside when the weather is nice. We start crate training at 6 wks as we feel that this is a great start for the puppy & it’s new family. Our play yard is composed of puppy play ramps & various toys. We also start playing tug games at 7 wks.

Because we’re small, we have all the time to raise our puppies in a family environment with lots of interaction & socialization. Our puppies are involved in our daily routines. Handled daily, played with individually & group play. You will not find healthier or sociable puppies than these anywhere guaranteed. When you get a puppy from us, your contact with us does not stop there. We’ll be available to answer any questions, as long as you need us, prior, during & after the sale.

Our puppies are played with regularly by kids, other dogs, casts, men & women. Each puppy come with 100% health guarantee & refund guarantee. When you find a puppy with us, you will need to make payment for the puppy. Once payment for a puppy is received, that puppy is removed from our website for holding & is not offered to another buyer. You will be supplied with the airline, flight number(s), air waybill number, & flight arrival time prior to departure. We ship your puppy within 24-48 hours after receiving payment to begin delivery arrangement & paperwork with the airlines.

Our puppies are shipped nationwide out of Midland International Airport. Don’t let distance come between you and your dream puppy. If you are going for a vacation no problem we can hold the puppy until you return from vacation before shipping. All our puppies are now ready to be placed in new homes. If you are interested in one of our puppies, use the Contact Us page to contact us now for more details & photos.


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